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Bit of self input and YCS London

I am finally bothered to write again, I guess I wasn't too far off when I said I hope I won't be updating this in 4 months' time, because this is three months after my last post. Again, good that I don't have any followers to disappoint with.

Ban list
Anyway, since the ban list has been out for too long, I guess there won't be much time and space to talk about my own input about the individual cards that moved up or down, instead, I actually want to talk about the game as a whole.

The obvious thing is that TCG finally has its own separate list rather than following the OCG one, which is good news for TCG but may be bad news for the game as a whole. Since TCG is always 3 sets behind, it actually doesn't really makes sense to have a ban list that focuses on the OCG meta, not to mention that both meta have different promo and exclusive. On the other hand, one may argue that this is one game, therefore should share the same restrictions. To be honest, I haven't heard from anyone talking negatively about separate lists, so I guess everyone is happy about that.

One thing that most people probably noticed though, is that the two lists went to two extreme different approach to control the meta. While the OCG gives nearly all the decks a power play, TCG however, removes nearly all the "win buttons" of the archetypes. I really don't think this is a coincidence that these extreme happened, and I think this could be experiment by Konami, in order to test which approach of the restrictions would be good for game, or a better business model to control the game. Both games will have a new list in May, and if Konami wants to have the same list, it could happen at that time I believe. But by the look of it, I think we will be having a separate list for quite a while.

YCS London
YCS Brighton was the sole reason I got back into the game to be honest, so of course I went to YCS London too. I really hated that they hosted the event along with MCM expo as this inflated all the hotel prices in London. Besides that, the poor management really let me down, even though it was due to unexpected amount of turn out. I still don't find it acceptable though since they attracted lots of people by offering free expo entry for participation. Regardless, I still enjoyed the event, which turned out to be the biggest YCS in Europe..

I always find the pre-tournament report boring so I won't be writing about it, not that anything interesting happened anyway. So here's my tournament report (if I still remember much as I lost the LP paper that I used in the tournament):

Round 1 - Expo visiter
My opponent dropped immediately, got the token and headed to expo. This is exactly what happens when Konami offered such a bargain. Despite this is a win, it is actually the worst win as it affected my tierbreaker, but there's nothing I could do anyway


Round 2 - Evilswarm
G1: I remember going Ravine, then Colossal Fighter. His turn went for Bahamut, stealing my Colosal, then I pushed back in my following turn and eventually won.
G2: He went Ophion and search Terminus instead of Pandemic and set two back S/T. I thought he had Pandemic already and set both Terminus and Pandemic. Nevertheless, there was one play I had which was Ravine, but he MSTed, and pushed.
G3: I sided back to turbo mode and finished the field with Atum, Stardust and two S/T, it pretty much ended two more turns later.


Round 3 - Constellar
G1: I can't remember details but I won. I might have went first though.
G2: He went Pleiades and set two S/T. My turn I waited for two seconds and he did not activate anything so I tricked him by saying 'main phase', which he responded immediately by saying 'ok',  I then activated Sacred Swords at once, but he tried to take back and activate Imperial Wall. I didn't let him of course as tricking him going into main phase was part of my plan and he wasn't trying to argue anyway. I drew into Phanlax and use Consonance to drew into blaster. Had Tempest in my hand already and so all my plays lived and won eventually.


Round 4 - Harpie
G1: Can't remeber but I won.
G2: I was underestimating him and nearly lost due to that. At some point he had Rivalry of Warlord, Harpie Hunting Ground and some other non-wing beast monster, and he summoned Harpie Dancer to pop my Sixth Sense. Then he use Harpie Dancer's effect which I Fiendish Chain. At this point I realised Rivalry was on the field and Dancer should not be able to be summoned at all. Instead of calling a judge we just rewind the move back even though my cards were known, but I figure that probably was the better outcome to my part. He later on summoned Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon in MP2 when I had 4100LP, I figured I should be able to come back at 100LP and so I did and won the game.


Round 5 - Dragon Ruler (Trigon)
I thought I would start playing mirror match in round 4, but I guess I was lucky to start it in round 5 instead. I actually look forward to that even though I do not have any experience in playing mirror.
G1:  I think he went first, didn't do much. My turn set 3. The next two turns he summoned Blaster and went for damage. After taking 5600, in my 4th turn I finally was able to do something, I went Dracossack, Blader and book the his Blaster and Blader lock him. His turn set some S/T. My turn I tried to went for game by normal summon Dux but he had Crow. He also Maxx C my Phanlax so I stopped there. His turn he turned the game around by Blader lock me back and it went down hill. To be honest I am sure I made a misplay somewhere because there should be no way I should lose with all these advantage.
G2: Since G1 took 30 minutes, I knew this would go to time. But I need to win this game for a draw so I decided to keep the Upstart as I went first. I can't remember anything in the early game, but the this game did went into time and I won on the 3rd turn with a push and draw the match.


Round 6 - Dragon Ruler (Trigon)
My opponent was kind of late (the time hasn't started though) and handed me his deck in a rush without shuffling or counting. I counted 38 cards and I knew this could be a game loss for him if I called a judge. I decided against it in the end because of Kama. He wouldn't let me go first though. Sometimes I was wondering if I should have use every advantage I could have in a large event.
G1: He made Colosal and I couldn't really deal with it, and he won shortly afterward. (Seriously, good Kama doesn't come with anything good)
G2: I won with a Mystletainn play I believe.
G3: He went first and set two S/T. I double MSTed them, Rainve into Colosal. He needed to commit quite a lot to take care of it and I won next turn.

I was relieved that I won really. Had I not then I would be kicking myself for not calling a judge. Though I suspect only a warning would be given with the next policy.


Round 7 - Dragon Ruler (Trigon)
This is actually a feature match, but apparently it is now lost due to server was down. I was looking forward to read it to see what kind of improvement I could have as I lost this match.
G1: I pushed at some point for 8k+ damage
G2: Don't remember the early game, but at some point he had three S/T, I summoned Dux and he chained Maxx C on Phanlax. His turn he Redox, I chained Emptiness instead of Maxx C which I think was a misplay as my field is not quite established. This resulted in Dux poking for 3 turns. Eventually he made a play and turned the game into his favor and won.
G3: I couldn't get anything going and eventually the game went to time. He made a big push and 3300LP ahead on 3rd turn. 4th turn is my last turn in the game. He had Blader face down defense, Ancient Fairy and Tidal in attack. I had 2 Blaster, Ravine, Tidal (used), Debunk and MST in my hand, graveyard has Tempest, Dux, Mystletainn. I set there for like 10 minutes and couldn't figure an out and eventually needed to give up. 
After got back to the hotel I still tried to figure an out, and eventually found that I could have drawn the game. The feeling of losing game that shouldn't be lost is probably one of the worst feelings ever.


Round 8 - Dragon Ruler (Trigon)
G1: Can't remember, I won with second Scrap which he didn't expect.
G2: He Chain Disappearance'd my Phanlax, on top of that he drew 4 of Sixth Sense. Just when I thought it would be good to scoop, I happened to have enough damage, he even Maxx C all my special summon, trying to dig out a Scarecrow but I had Debunk for that.

Round 9 - Dragon Ruler (Trigon)
G1: I went first. Summon Blast for damage twice. At some point he has 2400LP, 2 set S/T, I took a chance and Wing Blast one of his set and he chain it (Waboku). Next turn he summon a ruler and flipped Return.
G2: I won.
G3: He Ravine into Ancient Fairy. I am forced to Ravine then Scrap on Ravine and Ancient, set Sixth Sense, Wing Blast and Return. His turn he summoned Redox, search Debris and tried to go Black Rose, I Wing Blast the Debris. He then Electric Virus my Scrap and hit my Return. I was left with no option and flip Sixth Sense but missed with a 2. I went for Dux play but he Maxx C my Phalanx, at this point I thought I can only hope that he drew crap off Maxx C so I went for Blader, but the cards advantage was too much for me.


Round 10 - Evilswarm
G1: Can't remember but I won.
G2: He had Kycoo with Imperial Iron Wall, then he missed Sixth Sense with a 3 while I drew 4 off my Sixth Sense. Then I Wing Blast'd Kycoo, Blaster Iron Wall, and went for Dux, He Veilered, I Mystletainn, he Veilered again, I banished Tempest for Tidal and Mystletainn again and win within two turns.

Round 11 - Dragon (Trigon?)
G1 - I went first and he drew crap, then I won. He showed me what he drew after the game as well.
G2 - He was on tilt and did the final cut himself. Since there's no way I could top so I don't really care. Ironically he still drew crap. At some point I banished Tempest for Blaster, search for Mystletainn, summon Tidal, overlay for Dracossack, summon token and tribute one for Mystletainn and sycn for Scrap, use Scrap's effect on Dracossack and his Colossal, he was so frustrated and lost in my next turn.

Went 41st after all. Kinda disappointed since I could have a chance if it wasn't for those misplays, but then I didn't have anyone to play mirror with and I refused to use DN for testing as I think it's a waste of time. Nevertheless, I think this is one of the best tournament with one of the best format, I really enjoyed the intensive thinking during mirror match. Hopefully the next format will be as good as this one.

Deck List:

Monster 16
3 Dux
2 Phalanx
2 Mystletainn
3 Blaster
3 Tidal
3 Tempest

Spell 16
3 Ravine
2 Terraforming
3 Upstart
1 Gold Sar
1 Book of Moon
3 Sacred Sword
1 Consonance

1 Mirror Force
1 Fiendish Chain
1 Solemn Warning
1 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
1 Return 
1 Sixth Sense
1 Vanity
1 Compulse

3 Vajrayana
1 Dae Dearg
1 Orient Dragon
2 Scrap
1 Stardust
1 Colssal
1 Blader
2 Dracossack
1 Big Eye
1 Gaia
1 Atum

3 Maxx C
1 Fiendish Chain
3 Xyz Encore
2 Debunk
1 D.D Corw
1 Refpanel
2 Trap Stun

Only regret is that I used Orient instead of Thought Ruler, which would have won me the feature match.

Well, I guess my next big event is national...

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