Monday, 5 August 2013

Bit of Catch Up...

It's been nearly 4 months since my last post, I guess this means I am not doing very well on updating my blog. But I suppose it's a good thing that no one is following this blog at the moment as no disappointment has been done. Anyway, I was traveling a bit so it's hard to keep up with the yugi news. I have still been able to check it occasionally though.

Anyway, from my past post I did mentioned about getting a case of LTGY as it seems to be profitable. Well, to tell the truth, I did get a case, my pull however wasn't the best but I guess it could have been worse. I only managed to pull only one dracossack and one spellbook of judgment, which I sold in the next day during the UK national. I also managed to sell most of the stuffs there including those dragon ruler. After that I tried to sell the leftover on ebay  but that didn't seem to make much back. Overall, I think my cashflow was about 100 down, but the stuffs I got leftover are worth more than that, including couple of playmats, some decent generic cards such as Lavalval Chain, Diamond Dire Wolf, 1st Forbidden Lance etc... I aimed to trade for those cards because I think they will maintain their value and has low volatility. But I am not sure if I am still happy about the negative cash flow. All in all, this in my opinion is the set that has the highest probability to profit, and yet I wasn't managed to. Either my trading/selling skill is not good enough, or that the golden rule should always stands : Never Open Packs.

Super Starter
According to Shriek this is the product released after LTGY. I didn't really pay any attention to it at all, even when it was announced in OCG. The only card that caught my attention is Crane Crane, and to all of those who played the plant synchro era, it should remind you Debris Dragon. If only Crane Crane was a set ultra or secret, I think it would be worth to get a couple. However, consider that it is only a common from a 15 cards set, not to mention that it can only get you a rank 3, which is an average play compare to Debris Dragon (as the flexibility of getting a lv 6-11 synchro is still good even in this format), I think the most Crane Crane can do investment-wise is being talked on this blog.

Battle Pack 2
One of the product that I was actually excited about, not because of the investment but because of the old traditional environment this seal play format offers (by the way, even though I said old traditional, I don't seem to remember perform a lot of tribute summon back in the day). If possible, I wish to participate in a sealed play tournament. Anyway, back to the investment bit. As predicted by majority, Cardcar D has been reprinted in this set, though after its reprint it doesn't seem to be the card people want the most, the God cards are actually the ones people sought after. The forbidden trinity has also been reprinted in here, and as someone who possessed three 1st edition Forbidden Lance, I am not too happy about that, especially when its price dropping steadily due to the dynamic of decks in this format don't involve a lot of S/T. A huge surprise to me was the reprint of breakthrough skill. I remember at the UK national everyone was asking how much for my 1st ed ultimate breakthrough skill, I started with 12 pounds, but after like 20 people asking the same question on the same day, by Sunday I was asking for 20 pounds. Well, no one bought it of course, but a few sold at 27 on ebay a week later. However I still didn't manage to sell it. This is probably the most weird thing in terms of economic as no one was willing to sell it at less than 20, yet no one was willing to pay that amount either. At the moment, the BP version is at 6-7 pounds, but I think there's room for it to rise, just need the right format. Also, its pull rate in BP is 1 to 50ish which is not a high in my opinion.

Zexal's Numer Hunter
A 60 cards set with 50 new cards, of which 25 are xyz monster. There are quite of lot of generic cards in this set, the ones that are worth mentioning are probably: Lion Heart, Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder, Sky Pegasus, Crazy Box, Master of Blade, Machquipped Angineer, Coach King Giantrainer, Norito the Moral Leader (and many more that I can't be bothered to list anymore). Out of these, Master of Blade probably is the only that would be run in multiple due to dragon ruler, and so it may rise in the future. Its price is at about 11 at the moment, so the max I think it could rise to is 15. As for non-Xyz monster, Box of Friend got some hype when the set released, and fall immediately after since this card just got outclassed by Rescue Rabbit in so many ways.

In conclusion, this set doesn't have (much) investment opportunity, although I would try to get one or two Master of Blade just in case.

Judgement of Light
The newest core set that has just been released. Konami also uses this set to show us that they are the God in this game and they can do whatever they want, even the structure of rarity in the set.

First thing I wanna mention is Noble Knight Drystan, which give quite a significant boost to Noble knight (even though the boost still can't make them shift up a tier). As I mentioned in the previous post, since Noble Knight is a TCG exclusive archtype, Konami would not let it become just a fun deck, and in a way, I think they already declare their intention to make it a top tier deck in the future because of their announcement of 5 new Noble Knight cards in the following set, Shadow Specters. Noble Knight Medraut is already showing a rise, and I think the rise could continue since it is the 3-Must card in Noble Knight. This deck type probably be a reflection of Wind-Up in my opinion. Their initial release was showing them as a slow pace deck, until the release of Wind-Up Shark which enable a Xyz spam play. Noble Knight will probably be sharing the same pattern.

Just to show off, I guess it is time to start to harvest these babies :D

Anyway, the set is obviously focusing on fire fist because of the appearance of Coach Soldier Wolfbark and Fire Fist Rooster. Since they are played in 3 and secret rare, and some indication of Konami wanting the next format to be the fire fist, their price tags may not look pretty in the future for players. The rest of the money cards seem to be within the secret rare section as well, the generic synchro monsters Angel of Zera,Armades, Keeper of Boundaries and Star Eater are probably wanted to be kept at one for most players. Therefore, I'd try to lay my hand on them if possible because of the stability.

This set also introduce the Bujin archetype. I have personally tried it a few games on ygopro (with the new card from Shadow Specters), and did not like the style of focusing a particular monster on the field. This results in an extremely slow pace tempo and it does not really do well in today's format. In my opinion, in order for this archetype to be top tier, it probably requires more than powerful exclusive. May be a huge hit to all deck types in the Sept format, but even so, I believe there are better choice.

Ban List
It is the ban list session now, with the domination of dragon ruler and prophecy, I am quite excited to see what kind of move Konami will be making. I will probably talk about my thought in my next post, and hopefully I will do it in four days' time rather than 4 months later.

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