Saturday, 23 March 2013

Cosmo Blazer Special Edition, Zexal Tin and Dragunity

Cosmo Blazer Special Edition 
This product has just been released this week. The promo for this SP are Win-up Shark and Blade Armor Ninja.

Since Wind-up has been the top tier deck for the past two formats, I suppose anyone who is using wind-up are probably the ones who used it in the last format, therefore the increase supply of Wind-up Shark probably means nothing to the market. Its price could drop but I can't see it drops much since people would rather keep the card than sell it too cheaply most of time.

Blade Armor Ninja would probably the card people want more. However, since none of the top tier deck needs it, and the fact that the decks that use it (HEROs mainly) usually use only one (maximum two), therefore the price of Cosmo Blazer's booster pack shouldn't be affected much by these two promos. Hence the prices of the singles in this set shouldn't drop much either.

Ironically, reality always seems to be an opposite of theory. Most vendors drop the prices of CBLZ singles two days ago regardless because of the supply demand equation. Noticeable ones are Noble Knight Medraut($19.99), Lightning Chidori($9.99, $11.99), Pyrorex the Elemental Lord($9.99) and Fire Fist Tiger King ($15.99, $17.99). Even Spellbook of the Master suffers a slight drop despite its future potential, though in my opinion its price still seem to be a bit high for a deck that consists many high rarity cards.

The most interesting one to me is still Noble Knight. There is so many factors I can think of that could increase this card's price in future. First, this is a (first?) TCG exclusive deck type, and I really doubt Konami would give TCG a non-broken deck type. this claim is also supported by the advertisement type of article in the Konami website; secondly, this card will be needed in 3 definitely; thirdly, this is a theme secret rare in a core set; fourthly; base on my play testing, this archetype only need one broken noble arm to be competitive. The special edition may have affected its price, but like I said above, the promos from this special edition are not worthy enough to attract people to buy this product. Therefore I truly think this is the card being underpriced at the moment. Just like how Wind-up Rabbit was before the release of Order of Chaos.

All other cards seem to me are at a very reasonable and steady price. They should not rise much in the future. Lightning Chidori may rise depends on what wind support Konami release in the future, or if Harpie truly meets its expectation and become top tier.

Zexal Tin
Didn't really take much interest in this tin until its official release. This product contain many (or all?) anime cards, and two of those attract my attention as well as everybody else's: Number 61 Volcasaurus and Starliege Paladynamo. These two are probably the money cards in this tin, but they are not very hard to pull. Plus the fact that they are used at one in most decks so I suspect the market should be filled up with more than enough supply soon. In addition, since this tin has a lot of anime cards used by protagonists in Zexal, kids and fans should buy enough to satisfy the market. As a player, I would probably try to get one of each cheaply but I can't see much profit to be made from them, at least not within a year. But for a long term investment, this two cards will probably see a steady slow increase in price.

All other cards are at very low demand while the supply is high at the moment, so I won't be talking about it.

This is actually very unexpected of me discussing this, but I still can't believe I did not realise the potential of this deck. The combo actually exists for a long time, but it lacks the consistency, and Tachyon Galaxy will be the set that provides the consistency it ever asks for, as well as the extra power it needs-  Gaunlet Shooter. With Tempest the elemental dragon, the deck basically has got 6 more searchers in the deck to that search of one of the two pieces require for its combo. Also, similar to wind up, the deck itself will have various options according to the situation assuming the combo can go off. Before I knew about Tempest in Dragunity, I was predicting Blaster (the fire one) will be the most expensive one out of all elemental dragon, but now after playing dragunity, I can daresay tempest will be the one.

On the investment side, all the dragunity stuffs are obviously needed for this deck. However, there's not much that can be invested as most cards come from the structure deck, Vajrayana and Gae Dearg are already too expensive so may not rise much further, Cards of Consonance has been reprinted as common, Trident Dragion and Zhyphros are only needed in one. The only card that is under priced currently in my opinion is Atum, which will be needed in 1-2, and is at about $10 at the moment. This card could be the next invoker because of its flexibility, and that any future dragon release (plenty has been announced) will be beneficial. Gaia may see a rise as well judging how the game starting to focus on the higher rank xyz, especially with the Gaunlet Shooter in Tachyon Galaxy.

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