Tuesday, 21 February 2012

investment lately

so glad to know that wind-up rabbit has tripled its price overnight. even though i wasnt sure that it will rise or not, i took a shot and get paid off anyway. another card i have invested in is rescue rabbit, which went from 150+ to 100+ within half day, and went out of stock in two hours. hopefully that will rise as well. even if it wont, at least i only got them for $52 (about 30gbp) each.

so to conclude my investment so far:
275 wind-up magician- got them for 16p each and selling for 2gbp for each playset of 3- although they are profitable they are also pain in the ass to shift. i think rares and common are not good to invest in bulks. the maximum amount that should be stock up is 10 sets imo.

14 wind-up rabbit- got them at $18.95(12-13gbp) each, and they are still rising atm. core set secret seem to be a good investment especially when they are low. only regret is that i had doubt and traded away 2 for a profitable deal. oh well, still profitable i guess.

3 wind-up deck kit- these include 2 rat, 1 zenmaity, 1 hunter, 1 factory, 1 kitten, 1 jugglar each. ideally it is profitable. but the value of the item is too much and the seller declared value for insurance, resulting me paying import tax. a valuable lesson for me try to avoid express mail.

34 wind-up factory- got them cheap but they are not rising as much as i thought they would. large quantity is hard to shift as mentioned above. will not do this again for sure.

8 rescue rabbit- $52 each as mentioned above. this teaches me that yugioh market is a fast pace one and require fast response. TnT had 150+ and went out of stock the minute when people spread out the information on how it performed in the YCS.

10 shard of greed- got them at a range of 12-18gbp. it's a long shot but i am regretting it already. reason is that there isnt really much point to invest long term in this market as price can be so fluctuated and a lot of profit can be made in short term instead. . i would rather sit with a lot of cash waiting for a quick, short opportunity to come then invest something 'safe' in long term tbh.

4 emergency teleport- got them for about $4.99 each including shipping. this is another example of act fast, as under price ones were all sold out once the ban list was confirmed. i am also satisfied with the amount since the UK market doesnt demand that many anyway. only let down is that i wasnt able to tell even though this is the only card on the F/L list that has not been reprinted. gotta remind myself this in every ban session to see if there will be another opportunity like this.

0 maxx c- i saw 3 at $66 and hesitated. really regret it now. luckily i have a set to play with.

cards that i think have potential to rise in future:

wind-up zenmaioh
generic rank 5, great effect- destroy 2 s/t, up to twice, set secret. with konami's ban list indicating that they want the game in xyz direction, i can see that high rank monster will become big one day (or may be soon). i have bought one just in case and for the wind-up set anyway, but i think this is the one i should get more if i get it for low value.

photon shockwave box
this is not a card i know. but with the set having so many great cards in, and also the fact it doesnt have SE, i feel this will become the second DREV. if i have to guess, it should be going out of print in about 3-4 months time.

emergency teleport
in the past this card reached to 10-15gbp iirc. but this time it should go back to that price even though it's semi instead of unrestricted. it's because this card comes from a set that is released couple years ago.

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