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YCS Brighton Report.

YCS Brighton Report
i opened this blog with intension that i can improve my essay skill in preparation for my master dissertation lol. i will be pretty much writing anything ygo related in here, from making profit in ygo, ban list (prediction and afterward), meta game, tournament report, or even some random stuffs. this blog may sometimes be like a reminder of myself doing (or not doing) particular thing, or even as a journal. you are welcome to read it of course, but please bear with me if you find the entries boring as it may feel like i am talking to myself.

As my first blog entry, i guess i should start with my recent success. it may be a bit hard to recall what happened as this tournament was three weeks ago, but i will try to recall as much stuffs as possible. anyway, for this tournament, i have actually prepare it for a month, from booking the hotel, deciding decks, getting cards etc... i originally thought i will be using plant synchro, but after some DN and self playing (having two decks and make the best possible move), i found that rabbit would beat plant like 80% of time, and so i started to see if i could run this deck or not. and eventually managed to get all the cards i need. though i still lacked playtesting. anyway, here's the report.

Roud 1 (VS plant synchro)
game 1: he goes first, tour guide into zenamines, set 2. i go set 3 and reaper. he somehow get the advantage later on and win.

game 2: he sided 7~8 cards. i drew MSt, bottomless, D fissure, kabazauls and saberaurus first hand, summon sabersaurus and set bottomless. his turn, he mst, then set a monster and a S/T. my turn, i topped rabbit, then i mst, and play d fissure. then instead of summon kabazauls into dolkka for obvious advantage, i went rabbit into laggia, thinking i should control the field and go into more control next turn. then another misplay comes when i attack into snowman eater with saberaurus instead of laggia. his turn, summon dandy and overlay snowman into leviathan. pretty much a quick lost from then on.

losing first round is really frustrating tbh. but there's nothing much i can do, or blame, since i wasnt unlucky. i lost because of lack of experience and misplay.

Round 2 (VS Scrap)
game 1: i went first and dustshoot him. his foil cards are so bendy so when i MST him later, i knew exactly what im hitting. somehow he managed to drag to mid game with scrap goblin, and start looping with chimera->scrap dragon. i had no choice but to bait them all out with warning and TKROs, and won eventually.

game 2: i suspect he probably side into gozen match/rivalry, so i side in my third mst just in case, and i was right. cant remember much but i did win.

Round 3 (VS plant Synchro)
game 1: can't remember, but i won pretty quickly.

game 2: he read my gorz and just waited for answer, and eventually won

game 3: cant remember, i just lost.

after this round, i was really depressed, especially everyone i know are all 3-0 atm. i stayed at the table i lost, instead of thinking what went wrong, i thought about what i could do in the following rounds to prevent losing. i looked at the 72 cards that i am allowed to use, and tried to figure a way to maximize my chance to win all the following rounds. i thought: 'even if i lose game 1 due to my maindeck, may be i could side better to win game 2 and 3'. this is one of the most important thing i learn during a tournament: dont give up yet! until you went x-3, you still have as much chance as those x-0. x-1 and x-2.

Round 4 (VS chaos)
game 1: first hand dustshoot i think. he was running kycoo, breaker, zaborg, body as a shield etc... i won anyway

game 2: i went rabbit into laggia i think, he somehow bait out the negation and went sorcerer, i went tour guide into rabbit into laggia to win. to be honest, if only he had more spare cash that would be a BLS and i would have lost. not that i am proud of winning with high end cards, but a win is still a win.

Round 5 (plant Synchro)
game 1: he went first, set a monster and two S/T. I mirror him in my turn. he did nothing in his turn, and then in my turn he flip dustshoot, i lol so hard and asked if he forgot to use it last turn, he said yes. dont know if he was waiting for my heavy/MST or not. later in the game he let me draw 5 cards off maxx, needness to say this is too much advantage

game 2: cant remember, i just won.

Round 6 (VS Agent with high monster count)
game 1: he flipped my deck over once when i handed over my deck, i didnt call him out because i didnt know if he did it on purpose or not, plus he was just a 13 years old kid so i thought it'd probably be accident. anyway, i went first and dustshoot him somehow, cant remember if it was first turn or not. i noticed some unusual card choice for agent which i cant remember, but that sight resulted me to side out all MST later on. cant remember much later on, but i think i won with exact damage.

game 2: only thing i remember is letting him go tour guide into leviair and use rabbit to summon two shine ball into gachi, i cant remember what i had but i could have stopped him. that mistake caused me the game.

game 3: somehow i dealt exact damage again to finish him off.

Round 7 (VS Dino Rabbit)
game 1: i went rabbit and won

game 2: he went rabbit and won

game 3: we both didnt get rabbit and kept doing one for one to each other to top deck mode. he somehow got the advantage with PoA and get reaper on the field to discard my hand, i had nothing on field and hand so i just drew and ended. at this point, he made the biggest mis-read and use reaper to attack, i dont know what he thought it was, but in dino rabbit, the only card that cant be set or summon right away: gorz. and i pretty won from there.

Round 8 (VS Rabbit)
game 1: he went rabbit into two headed king rex ( i thought he was using 9 normal monsters) into laggia, i got 2 normal monster and some S/T. i could have had a chance if he didnt go tour guide next turn.

game 2: i somehow got laggia and control the field. he was using some interesting card choice like faustain bargain (which make me believed even more that he was running 9 normal monsters) and mirror of oaths. when he used mirror of oaths on my sangn which was summoned by tour guide, his card was in french so i didnt recognize it at first, we had judge to translate it because they didnt allow the player next to me to show me an english copy. when it was all sorted out, i totally forgot about sangan's search, and i didnt think he was bothered to tell me anyway lol. but i won the game still.

game 3: he went first and summon his sixth card- sabersaurus, set two cards and end. i drew heavy, MST, warning, and cant remember the rest. i just set warning and end. he summoned some dino and went into laggia, which i warninged. next turn i topped rabbit, then heavy first then went rabbit into laggia. he asked if i topped heavy or rabbit, i said 'guess.' lol, refusing to reveal any kind of information. i summoned two kabazauls and he said "I used the other one instead", i knew he was talking about the king rexed and then realized he was actually using 6 normal monsters. later on the field came to his two cards in hand, one set S/T to my one unused laggia, a set solemn judgment and reborn in hand. his LP was 4600. he summoned rabbit, and i let it go, thinking it would be better to have the rabbit removed just in case he had monster reborn, he went into dolkka which i negated with laggia, he ended there. i topped reaper and reborn sabersaurus for exact damage, he flipped compulsory which i solemned.

(after thought, in game 3, i did consider to leave rabbit in grave instead so that i can go for game more likely next turn since i could then reborn his rabbit and go into laggia. but then i thought there are basically two outs now after his normal summon: dark hole and reborn. if it's dark hole then i cant avoid it at all; but if it's reborn then it will become an out so i decided to eliminate that factor and chose to negate the xyz summon with laggia instead. though if i didnt top any monster, the game would still be undecided since i couldnt have finished him off, and i would not have used reborn if i couldnt finish him off.)

Round 9 (VS plant synchro)
game 1: cant remember much, but at some point i had 3 cards in my hand and he set a S/T. i drew and used dustshoot immediately, i checked my drawn card and said 'wait, i want to activate something in my draw phrase- the drawn MST', and won from there.

game 2: i miscounted my main deck and got a game loss. i was like 'wow, am i that good to win 6 rounds in a roll and decide to let my opponent off for one game!?'

game 3: i went tour guide-> sangan, and set a mirror force and MST. he went set one S/T, which turned out to be solemn judgment, so i thought he shouldnt have gorz, and attack with sangan, which turned out he did have gorz. his turn, he tributed the token for cauis, remove sanagan, turned gorz in defence mode just in case of MF and attacked my tour guide, i was at 5600 after these. i topped dark hole luckily and summon kabazauls and attacked. he went cyber dragon, i checked my LP and said OK, he then summon tour guide into leviathan dragon, i check my LP again and said OK, he then attacked and had the most surprised expression i saw during the whole tournament when i flipped MF lol. i won from then on.

Round 10 (VS Plant)
game 1: cant remember, but i won.

game 2: he got his librarian combo off, i am forced into defense with reaper. there was 7 minutes left so i thought i would have to scoop this game for a chance to top 32. and i did so when there was 3 minutes left. i had already decided what cards to take out during game 2 so i was siding really quick, and we both presented the deck when there was only 30 seconds left. after time was called, the judges said that it was a draw since we have not drawn the cards yet. i argued and said the game has already begun the moment we presented the deck since i saw this was what happened to my friend. the judges was kind enough to let us play on. and so i started with rabbit, tour guide, reaper, gorz, starlight road and something else. my opponent basically got a bad hand i think, he went set a spell/trap and a mosnter, but then i topped MST lol. i won obviously.

(after this tournament, i went home and checked the policy and found that i was indeed wrong about the policy. it clearly says that when time was called, if the first player havent drawn his first cards yet, then the game would be considered as not started yet, hence the match would be considered as drawn. i guess the judges watch knew that we both would not have a chance to top if this match was a draw, therefore they let us play on. whoever you are, i want to say thank you.

So i check the standings later and found that i was in 27th after all. i really couldnt expect more with a 1-2 start.

Top 32: (VS dino rabbit)
I play jake quinsee before in UKpro3, i still remember that beating him 2-1 with my six sam against his dragunity. though i was only lucky at that time since i drew the MST at the perfect time. so i knew this would be a hard match for me, especially with so many wrong card choices in my deck.

game 1: i went first, set reaper and bottomless. he then MST it and summon sabersaurus to attack into reaper (no offense, jake, but you had the worst poker face ever when you saw that reaper lol). he set one S/T and ended. I MSTed it, then tour guide into leviathan then use reaper to attack as well, discarding book of moon. cant remember what happened in the middle, but i somehow lost all the advantage i had gained. sometimes later on, he had two cards in his hand at 2300, i had a set dustshoot, set d fissure, sabersaurus on field and a veiler in hand. he summoned TKRO and didnt attack, and then set an S/T, which he held for turns. i drew reborn, thinking his back row was probably a bluff since he held it for turns, so i wanted to go into laggia. i flip d fissure to stop his TKO, and reborn, then laggia, which got negated by his set solemn judgment. next turn he drew another TKRO and attacked for game.

tbh, he did play that solemn really well, i really didnt see that coming. another thing is that my maindeck is only good for the diversity. so in swiss where i would face any type of deck, veiler and fissure would be a good choice, but once i got to top table or top cut, the playability of these cards are all reduced, and eventually cost me this important game.

game 2: he drew the nuts while he drew the crap. my hand was rabbit, tour guide, MST, dustshoot and something i cant remember. his hand was two tour guide, sangan, reaper, fiendish chain and D prison. well, i couldnt finish him off in my second turn, but he wasnt lucky enough to draw an out either.

game 3: couldnt remember what happened at all. at some point, he had reaper and a set S/T while i had 3 cards in hand and nothing on the field. he flipped vanity's emptiness and attack with reaper, discarding my smashing ground. i topped MST, and had no choice but to set it. he attacked again and i MST his vanity, he chained maxx c. it's either risk to discard gorz or he got more advantage. i went with the former and the advantage he got form maxx was too much for a top decking position.

Main deck:
monsters: 22
3x rescue rabbit
3x tour guide from the underworld
1x sangan
1x gorz
3x sabersaurus
3x kabazauls
1x reaper
1x Grand mole
3x maxx c
1x veiler

Spell: 11
1x dark hole
1x Heavy
1x Reborn
2x MST
1x forbidden lance
2x smashing gournd
1x d fissure
1x PoA
1x book of moon

Trap: 9
1x solemn judgment
2x solemn warning
1x mirror force
2x bottomless trap hole
1x d prison
1x trap dustshoot
1x torrential tribute

Extra deck:
2x laggia
2x dolkka
1x utopia
2x leviair
1x zenmaines
1x catastor
1x brionac
1x stardust
1x scarp dragon
1x trishula
1x chimeratech

2x d fissure
1x compulsory
1x forbidden lance
1x dust tornado
1x cyber dragon
2x fiendish chain
1x crow
1x debunk
1x MST
1x effect veiler
1x starlight road
1x gemini imps
1x ??

tbh, even i myself think that my deck is horrible after the tournament lol. if you say that i am lucky enough to top 32, i actually wont deny it, but sometimes this is what a card game is about, a bit of luck, and some skill, then you will be able to top. also, i didnt have time and the right people to play test against with, so i only play on DN for like a week and a bit more, and went to adopt people's thought from internet. so topping 32 was probably the best i could hope for.

though my predication was right, i predicted that there would be a lot rabbit deck in brighton. but i dont want to focus my main board too much on rabbit mirror, just in case i faced some rough deck and lost. i guess that mix feeling did mess up my decision on the main board and added so much random stuffs in. i also lack experience from tournament. the last big tournament i played was ukpro3, which was in march (or april?). but then it was only 8 rounds so it's nothing compare to this YCS (i did came 18th in ukpro3, probably would have topped if it wasnt for one misplay lol).

I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this tournament, there are so many little things i didnt think of before, which may affect the result. for example, from round 3 onward, i chose the seat that can see the clock easier so that i can check the time easily. in round 10, my opponent only looked at the clock when i scooped in game 2, but i had already noticed that time was running and had in mind what to side in already. in the end, he needed to rush to side and may have presented the deck recklessly.

another thing is the hand shuffle thing. the night before this tournament, i met up with people from other cities and playtested with them. i was playing Simon He most of time, and he was probably my most admire ygo player so far, because of his innovation, and the top-a-lot-big-events-but-never-win record. anyway, he told me he could see my hand when i was drawing and hand shuffling, forcing me to change the way i draw and handle my hand through the whole tournament. tbh, there is really no point to hand shuffle, there is no advantage at all, but when you mess up and drop a card, your opponent would have see a card from your hand for free, so why bothered doing it?

I really wanted to go to YCS germany in February, but it's just too much trouble. it is in term time, means i would need to skive lecture; then the tournament is at end of February, that means i would need to keep some restricted stuffs for the tournament, but i would need the cash to pay my daily cost. not to mention i now sold the deck as well. i guess, my next big tournament would be UK national, and this year, for once, i will not have much to do during June, so hopefully i will be well prepared and do well. if not, at least i am qualified for Euro, which i will definitely be going!

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